Villa Baikal Prestige
Premium class vacation along with coziness, authenticity of a wooden house and author's adventures at Lake Baikal
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Villa Baikal Prestige
Premium class vacation along with coziness, authenticity of a wooden house and author's adventures at Lake Baikal
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About us
The unity of nature, privacy and exquisite comfort next to one of the most beautiful places in Russia.
Eco-friendly houses made of century-old Siberian larch, premium service, complete peace and absolute privacy.

Lodge Hotel «Villa Baikal Prestige»

Welcome to your personal villa on the Lake Baikal coast. Everything including every minor detail is considered thoroughly with love to these tiny issues as if you created the space and interior of the villa and beyond by yourself.

Sure, right you are, this is a place for VIP guests: for you, your family and your company. No one and nothing will distract you from rest, enjoyment and communication with pristine nature and boundless Baikal in the way that only you, and no one else, wish.

One visit is enough to fall in love with these places, with your villa and want to come here again and again.


Spacious rooms of large and small houses, filled with pure air, can accommodate up to 10 people and provide maximum pleasure and a wide variety of pastimes and recreation.

Cottages of 143 and 113.5 square meters area, a bath complex with area of 43 square meters with a spacious relaxation room, incredible massage treatments and a "Siberian SPA", a 9-meter waterfall, a 3-level pool of 60 square meters under the sky and shining stars, perfectly warm water even in severe frosts… All these words can describe spaciousness and comfort, but cannot give you that shade of sophistication, elegance and, if you want, selectivity, which you feel, coming to your villa.

Two houses and sauna complex provides even the friendliest family or company with the opportunity to enjoy personal space and privacy as there is plenty of space for that. And, of course, the undeniable bonus of staying here is one of the most beautiful views of Mandarkhan Bay, beautiful and majestic either in winter or in summer.
Personal service
You will be able to appreciate all the advantages of a rest in your villa, even before you get into it. From the first minute of your vacation, you will be unobtrusively and imperceptibly accompanied by a personal majordomo, fulfilling your requests and desires, like a page of a magical fairy.

Your personal staff team, waiters, bartenders, hookah workers, masseurs, bath attendants and chefs, do their best to make the fairy tale come true. They are professional enough to do everything that is necessary and be almost invisible at one and the same time. You will get much more than you expect. Even if you consider yourself a sophisticated traveler and a VIP guest, your vacation in the villa at Lake Baikal will be remembered for a long time as it is not similar to what has pleased you before.

Not only the perfect room service, but also a personal producer of unique adventures, a videographer, a huge list of non-standard activities and much more are in store for you.

Stop... It seems we have missed something. After all, any vacation (and active even more so) is impossible without high-quality, delicious food and wonderful drinks. Do not worry: there is everything for you to be surprised, rejoice and enjoy! After all, food will be one of the main components of your vacation.
Without any doubt, your personal chef will be responsible for your meals. The accumulated life and culinary experience, combined with a sincere passion to the profession, help him create masterpieces in all styles, types and directions of classical and modern cuisine, from authentic local dishes to haute cuisine. This first-class fusion provides you with a chance to navigate the gastronomic world at space speed, getting billions of additional endorphins just due to the look, smell and taste of food.

All the details of your nutrition are discussed and carefully coordinated in advance. So you will definitely get exactly what you want. The same condition is applied to elite alcohol and collection tobacco. If you wish, we will organize any culinary activities for you: joint evenings, master classes, competitions, whatever you want. So it will be not only delicious, but interesting.
We offer all possible transfer options, depending on the season and your personal preferences, from Irkutsk directly to your villa.
  • Classic
    Transfer to the bay by a comfortable minibus or luxury SUV. You will have enough time to tune in and prepare for an unforgettable meeting with Baikal.
  • Fast
    A business helicopter will take you from the airport to the territory of your villa in just 60 minutes. You will not lose a single second of your time allotted for relaxation in your villa.
  • Unique
    Available when there is no ice-cover on Lake Baikal; you will sail by a comfortable ship directly to your destination. You will have time enough to fall in love with the beauty of the magnificent lake before arriving at your villa.
The rest
SPA complex, massage, swimming pool, quizzes, cooking contests and joint cooking, and much more...

Adventures at the Baikal

The Baikal is a place of strength, energy, inspiration and love as well as harmony with its unique natural beauty.
We organize a premium-class vacation at Lake Baikal. You will not only relax in our villa, but also gain a memorable experience:

  • explore the most wonderful wilderness area at the Baikal coast;
  • become fascinated by all the beauties of Olkhon Island;
  • meet the Baikal seal in the natural habitat;
  • feel the spirit of Baikal.

Our personal tour producer discusses all the details with you and offers you full of impressions holiday programs.

Safety, privacy and tailor-made comfort at any time of the year are the main principles to arrange your vacation. Fresh air and the most beautiful views are just a minor part of the relaxation on the territory of your villa.

Love light steam? A magical wooden bathhouse made of natural timber with a personal attendant and various SPA programs (including many types of massage) will help you not only forget the noisy city life and business worries, but look younger by a dozen years.

To fix the result and continue your recovery and relaxation, welcome to the open-air pool with constant water temperature of 300C. The area of 60 square meters is enough not only to have a dip, but to have a good swim, letting your muscles work. A waterfall as high as a three-story house is a chic addition to the pool.

Certainly, after such intoxicating and water procedures, your appetite will grow. To extend your rest and socializing, take advantage of the magnificent barbecue area, which provides everything for cooking and having a good time.

When it is time to go to bed, enjoy exclusive Swiss cosmetics, disposable toiletries, a hair dryer, soft and fluffy towels in each of your bathrooms, and go to sleep on the most comfortable beds with the highest quality bedding and pillows at your choice (natural swan feather down or innovative hypoallergenic fiber).

In the morning, cozy bathrobes, the purest Baikal water and delicious premium sweets that are in your room as well as bouquets of flowers will help you feel really good.
Depending on the number of accompanying you people, we will offer you the best holiday program both on Lake Baikal and at the villa. Family vacations, relaxation programs for cheerful companies, for adults who prefer peace, for corporate vacations of top management or business owners and much more holiday programs are available.

Professional animator service is offered to children, depending on their age; as well as various master classes and thematic game programs. Personal quizzes, culinary competitions and joint cooking are provided for families. There are many events dedicated to authentic local rituals: you will learn and see a lot of interesting things. In the evenings, live music to your taste will be waiting for you; from exquisite jazz and classical to author's performers and cover bands that will perform your favorite hits.

We will invite a cool DJ and come up with a cool program for young companies and noisy parties.
Premium class vacation along with coziness, authenticity of a wooden house and author's adventures at Lake Baikal
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